West Sacramento

I’ve lived in West Sacramento more than 40 years, and as I write this, at this very moment, I am convinced that the people of God have never had a better moment to communicate the love of Christ to this city. The Collings Teen Center has 10 years of history here, against all odds seemingly, and having built that credibility is in an INCREDIBLE position to seize and witness with it. Since the early days of having the building rehabbed, I don’t think we’ve ever had such a groundswell of community and sponsor support and trust from the government and educational entities – that’s been a hard-earned platform. We should be kicking bigger plans than ever into gear, seizing the moment.

At the same time, the Mercy Coalition – the coalition of WS churches that has come together to care for the homeless as other local services are breaking down – has suddenly been thrust front and center in the fight to get an overnight shelter built in the city. The City has approached us about carrying this torch and partnering with us in the effort. The moment is there for us to 1) set in motion a vehicle to care for and minister to the poor with the love of Christ for decades; 2) Unite the churches; and 3) witness to the entire city, from the progressive mayor to city officials to the common man to the homeless man.

These two platforms – Collings Teen Center and Mercy Coalition – represent a staggering confluence of opportunity and invitation …. no, a calling from the Lord … in this moment right here. I don’t think we should be talking about hard ground. I think we should be talking, in word and deed, about a God who loves, forgive, heals and restores in mammoth and miraculous fashion. I’ve got an urgent knot in my stomach just writing about it.

I ask that you pray for passion and purpose to govern the moves and heart of every ministry, from the Collings Teen Center to the Mercy Coalition to individual churches. LET’S GO!! And right now.

Don Bosley
Pastor, Lighthouse Covenant Church