Luke’s Story

“So is Jesus ‘God Junior’?” a second grader asked from the back of the van. You could tell the wheels were turning in Luke’s brain, you see, Luke is a ‘Jr.’, his father is Luke, too. We were on our way home from vacation Bible school and the conversation turned to God the Father and God the Son. One of the girls said, “I don’t really understand that” so I went on to explain further. That’s when Luke piped up with his “God Jr” question. It was one of those sweet moments that blesses your heart. When I said, “I suppose, in a way He is,” Luke seemed satisfied. I’m sure this conversation will help him when he becomes a Pastor…or a fireman – he’s trying to decide between the two.

On another VBS night one of our boys had asked Jesus into his life! On the ride home I asked him if he knew where his Bible was (all of our kids had received age-appropriate Bibles from a local church!). He said yes. One of the other boys asked why he needed his Bible. I explained that God left the Bible here on earth as a guidebook on how to live like Jesus wants us to live. I went on to explain that God wants us to have a very good life here on earth. That doesn’t mean a life without trouble, but that God tells us how to really enjoy the good times and how to live through the hard times in a good way, a way that will honor Him.

I love my time in the car with kids. It’s such a great time for honest conversations. They can surprise me and, most of the time, they bless me, too! I love it.

-Gladys Standard, Sayonara City Life Center